1. Top up your Festipay Prepaid Mastercard at any Hungarian OMV petrol station. For the first time you should top up with 5000 HUF, the minimum upload amount, and 3900 HUF, the one-time card fee, which is all together 8900 HUF.
  2. After the top up, please send an SMS from your mobile that reads: PIN <include a space> <last 8 digits of your card number with no space> to +36 70 717 7197. Example: PIN 12345678.
  3. To retrieve your PIN you can use one of the following phone numbers: +44(0)203 327 1991, +44(0)203 468 4112, +44(0)207 183 2248. After giving your card number, they will ask for your date of birth. Example: you were born on the 1992. 06. 05. you should give like this: 050692. The service is only available in English. (In case of anonymous cards please use the following date of birth: 1988. 08. 08., if you have not registered yet.)
  4. Please sign your name on the reverse of the card.
  5. To reload your card you have to register it on the Cardholder Portal, what is available on the website getaprepaid.com at “Register user”. Here we will need some of your personal details.

Please note that you can activate maximum 3 prepaid cards from the same phone number!